Danger fears over Holt ‘race track’

Worried residents said 'we can't live like this any longer' as they called for a permanent flashing speed limit sign on a busy Holt road.

Norfolk County Council recently put a temporary flashing 30mph limit sign on Norwich Road.

But, although the sign is likely to return for short spells every six months or so, some people living on the road are keen to see it made permanent.

At Tuesday's town council meeting, Theresa Fell told members she was 'utterly deflated'.

She said: 'Now that the sign has gone, we are back to square one and haven't achieved anything. It's a race track. We can't live like this any longer.

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'Someone is going to get killed or seriously injured, for the sake of a flashing sign on either side.'

She added: 'It's making me a wreck and I'm feeling like I want to sell up and leave.'

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Sgt Helen Howes, head of Holt Safer Neighbourhood Team, said the residents had her 'full support', and suggested that a meeting should be arranged with all the parties involved to find a way forward.

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