Cost of town's burial and allotment charges to rise

Vandals have struck Dereham Cemetery.

Dereham Cemetery. - Credit: Ian Burt

The cost of allotment rent and burial fees in a Norfolk town are set to rise slightly this year, though market stall holders will not see an increase in the rate they pay. 

At a meeting on Tuesday, Dereham Town Council voted to raise the cost of allotment and burial fees by 1pc.

The annual allotment charge will go up from its current £2.30 to £2.32 per rod (25 square metres). As the average plot size is 10 rods, this represents a 20p increase per year on average.  

The cost of grave-digging and internment for a Dereham parishioner will rise from its current £912.46 to £921.58 - though a council decision to round to the nearest 50p for sums of that size will mean it costs £921.50 instead.

Councillors agreed to keep market stall rates at their current level, after finance committee members noted that it had been a hard year for traders. 

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