Community divided over new plans unveiled for 300 homes in Cromer

Philip Duncan with the plans. Picture: Eleanor Pringle

Philip Duncan with the plans. Picture: Eleanor Pringle - Credit: Archant

A rival plan to rehome Cromer Town Football Club was this week made public at a special meeting of the Cromer Town Council.

The plans for a sports pitch and 300 homes in Roughton. Picture: Eleanor Pringle

The plans for a sports pitch and 300 homes in Roughton. Picture: Eleanor Pringle - Credit: Archant

But the public were out in force, arguing vehemently against the plans which could see 300 new homes built in land south of Compit Hills, off Roughton Road.

The plans submitted by Novus Sustainable Developments rival those of Michael Gurney, who is also proposing plans to build sports pitches and 300 new homes, off the nearby Norwich Road.

'This has divided the community,' said Ann Coe, a Compit Hills homeowner. 'Everyone's saying 'not in my back yard' and it's just causing so much tension and friction in the town.'

The meeting ended with members of the community swearing and shouting at one another, with promises to enter into battle once again when more detailed plans will be revealed to the public at a council meeting in the coming months.

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Issues raised at the meeting ranged from preserving Cromer as an Area of Natural Beauty (AONB), to the 'lethal' use of Roughton Road as a vehicle access to the proposed site.

Presenting the submission on behalf of Novus, Philip Duncan said: 'These are very early plans, and we are taking feedback which will inform the project.

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'I can't promise at this stage that the development will not eventually go any further north in to the AONB than is planned, but there are things we can work into the design such as land barriers which would deter further development north.'

Mr Duncan also heard how the Roughton Road is currently deemed unsuitable to be used by lorries going onto the building site. He said: 'We will be working with the Highways Committee to see what needs to be done. I'm not aware at the moment that we will need to buy any land which is currently people's front gardens to expand the road.'

Eyebrows were also raised over the revelation that the dementia friendly care home would be placed next to the football pitches.

'North Norfolk needs affordable housing, but does it need to be in Cromer where our services are already stretched? North Norfolk is gaining a facility, but at the expense of Cromer,' one member of the public concluded.

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