City Hall bosses call county council cuts “unacceptable”

City Hall bosses in Norwich have accused the county council of proposing budget cuts that would 'target' the most vulnerable people in the community.

Norfolk County Council's proposed budget reductions for the next three years came under scrutiny by city councillors last night as part of a consultation, with many members suggesting that the county did not know what it was doing.

City councillors were asked to comment on proposals that could have a direct impact on the city's residents.

And, after hearing some of the proposals, they agreed that a robust attack on the plans be sent to County Hall outlining their concerns.

City councillors reserved their special fury for county proposals regarding adult social care.

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The county is proposing to raise the eligibility criteria for adult social care to 'critical' only, which the city council understands would leave about 1,500 residents in Norwich now receiving care services unable to receive them in the future.

Councillors warned that this could have a very negative impact on vulnerable people in the city due to the high levels of deprivation seen in Norwich.

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Councillor Stephen Little said: 'There are serious cuts in every area but with the adult social care proposals, I'm not sure the county council knows what it's doing. It's outrageous what they are proposing.'

Fellow councillor Andrew Wiltshire added that the cuts to adult social care were 'unacceptable' and councillor Jo Storie said they were 'targeting the most vulnerable' in the community.

She said: 'I'm absolutely furious about what's being proposed by the county council. As a retired social worker, I cannot understand why they are reducing their assessment on adult social care to deal only with 'critical' need.

'The county seems to have vague ideas and does not seem to know what it's doing. There's going to be a dreadful mess if these proposals go through.'

City councillors also called on the county to use a proportion of its �75m of reserves, which they said could reduce the direct reductions to frontline services.

Cuts to services for children, environment and development and transport and travel are also proposed by the county council, which is facing significant financial challenges.

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