Carbon capture site could be built on Norfolk land earmarked for incinerator

The site at Saddlebow. Picture: Ian Burt

The site at Saddlebow. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

A carbon capture site could be created where Norfolk County Council once wanted to build an incinerator.

Norfolk County Council and West Norfolk Borough Council have been approached over the lease of the Willows site at Saddlebow.

EP Power UK Developments Ltd, which now owns the nearby Centrica B site, says it needs the Willows site to capture carbon dioxide from a gas fired power station.

Norfolk County Council leader Cliff Jordan revealed the council was approached over the site - which was the focus of controversy when an incinerator was proposed - in September.

He said, due to the sensitivity of the site, he had decided to make the offer public.

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He told today's county council policy and resources committee: 'At the end of September, our property team received an inquiry whether the council were owners of the site and whether we would be willing to dispose of it.

'Officers responded saying we owned the land and we're not willing to sell it, given decisions by the business and property committee and the full council.

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'Officers requested further detail as to who was interested, what it would be used for and whether the site would help to generate electricity.'

He said a more formal proposal had come forward, with EP Power UK Development saying they needed extra land for a carbon capture site for the revived King's Lynn power plant.

Mr Jordan said 50 to 60 jobs could be created at the site, along with 'substantial' jobs during construction.

He said the proposal was for the site to be leased from the council and stressed: 'The land will not be used for any incineration of waste, but rather for a carbon capture development or a CTG (combustion turbine generator) Plant.'

He added: 'This development provides the opportunity for a substantial development, high quality jobs and supply chain opportunities for King's Lynn.'

He said any decision would be taken in line with government procedures, but added it was 'a fantastic opportunity to support economic growth for our county'.

Carbon capture sees carbon dioxide from power plants removed and stored, normally underground.

Norfolk County Council pulled the plug on the ill-fated energy from waste plant proposed for Saddlebow in 2014.

The final compensation payment for cancelling Norfolk's controversial incinerator contract was almost £34m.

The proposals for a burner were met with considerable opposition in the King's Lynn area.

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