“E.g. Done, vision, quality...” Conservative group mistakenly publishes incomplete manifesto

Shaun Vincent, Broadland District Council leader Pic: Norfolk Conservatives.

Shaun Vincent, Broadland District Council leader Pic: Norfolk Conservatives. - Credit: Norfolk Conservatives

A bizarre, unfinished manifesto has been published to the website of one of Norfolk's political groups.

With local elections looming, political parties across the county will be compiling their manifestos and plotting how they will convince the public to put them in control of their council chambers.

However, it appears the Broadland Conservative group has jumped the gun in publishing its mission statement - posting a bizarre, fragmented version on its website.

Within this are pledges to make the council single-use plastic free, to press developers to deliver promised housing and to support a western link for the Northern Distributor Road, now called the Broadland Northway.

It also though, contains a disjointed quote attributed to leader Shaun Vincent, suggesting fingers may have prematurely pushed the publish button.

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It says: 'E.g. Done, vision, quality, best, better, local, pledges, vote for us again on May 2nd, working hard, value for money etc.'

Mr Vincent said the completed copy of the manifesto had been intended to be published later this month, as the local election campaign gets under way.

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He said: 'It was supposed to be embargoed until Tuesday, March 19, but an error was made that has now been dealt with.

'It is disappointing, but that's where we are in the world. Just like any other organisation there is always a degree of human error.'

The page has since been removed from the website with a message redirecting visitors to the group homepage.

Mr Vincent, who became leader of the group after predecessor Andrew Proctor took on the leadership of Norfolk County Council, added that the error was 'unfortunate'.

He said: 'People work hard and to the very best of there ability but sometimes miscommunications and mistakes can happen and things to not go quite as you want them to.

'However, the important thing is how we deal with things when they do go wrong and address things in a positive way.'

The 2019 local elections will be held on Thursday, May 2, which will see all 47 seats on the currently Conservative-led Broadland District Council contested for.

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