Brandon taxpayers face rise in precept

Brandon Town Council's offices in Market Hill Photo:Sonya Duncan Copy: For: EDP EDP pics © 2010 (016

Brandon Town Council's offices in Market Hill Photo:Sonya Duncan Copy: For: EDP EDP pics © 2010 (01603) 772434 - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2010

Rate payers will see the amount they pay in council tax to Brandon Town Council rise after members voted through an increase.

Councillors met last Monday to agree a rise in the precept - increasing residents' council tax bill by around 2.5 per cent.

Christine Mason, town council clerk, said the rise was necessary because central government funding was being reduced and money had to be set aside for next year's elections.

'It's had to be put up because of grant shortfalls but the changes are being spread over three years.

'We're also having to put £2,500 towards the 2015 elections as the district council aren't covering it all anymore,' she said.

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The council's entire precept will be £254,419 for 2014/15.

That means the town's 2355 Band D homes will now pay £108.03 a year for town council services.

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A spokeswoman for Forest Heath District Council confirmed that it will be cutting its Council Tax Support Grant by 25 per cent a year for the next four years after central government funding was slashed.

She said: 'In September, full council agreed to give certainty to town and parish councils by decreasing the Council Tax Support Grant to them by 25 per cent a year, which is approximately in line with what we could face as a district council funding cut through our revenue support grant.

'This means that in 2014/15 parish and town councils will receive 75 per cent of last year's support grant, with 50 per cent in 2015/16, 25 per cent in 2016/17 and zero in 2017/18.'

The cuts come despite a government spokesman announcing in December that it was 'committed' to protecting town and parish councils.

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