Anger after almost 900 drivers caught speeding on NDR route

Speed limts in Horsford, near where work has been taking place to pave the way for the NDR. Photo :

Speed limts in Horsford, near where work has been taking place to pave the way for the NDR. Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

Almost 900 people have been caught speeding on roads covered by temporary limits along the route of the Norwich Northern Distributor Road.

But, with that potentially handing the Treasury £90,000, given fines of £100 a time, it has led to criticism that drivers are being used as cash cows.

However, bosses at Norfolk County Council have insisted the speed limits - and the enforcement of them by Norfolk police - are needed to keep areas safe for their workforce and for other drivers.

John Birchall, Norfolk County Council's community liaison officer for the NDR, which will stretch from the A47 at Postwick to the A1067 Fakenham Road, said: 'We don't want people ending up with fines and points on their licence - just safe work areas for our workforce, and safe travel for road users.

'Remember that, as with permanent speed limits, the temporary limits are enforceable at any time. Enforcement is carried out by Norfolk and Suffolk Police's Safety Camera Enforcement Team.'

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But the limits have led to criticism on Facebook, with drivers annoyed the limits remain in place even when no work is being carried out.

Earlier this year, when the limits were introduced, signs with sarcastic slogans appeared in Horsford.

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Colin Campbell said: 'You can hear the ca-ching moo. We are just cash cows for the council. You can accept restrictions when work is carried out on that particular section of road but 24/7. It's highway robbery.'

But Adrian Roxby said: 'Let the money roll in, its only a tax on those who speed. It's a simple concept don't speed no fine.'

Others questioned why the limits could not be removed when no work was being carried out.

Mr Birchall said: 'It's not just a matter of when people are working.

'These are construction sites. There are narrowed lanes, crossing points, sometimes 24 hours traffic lights, etc.

'Asking people to drive at 30 instead of 50 or 60 through a construction site is not unreasonable. It probably adds less than a minute to most journeys.'

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