Charity to make first ever Afro wig after donation from Carly, 10

Carly Gorton, 10

Carly Gorton, 10, from Southburgh near Hingham, shaved her hair off to raise more than £2,500 for the Little Princess Trust. - Credit: Anna Mudeka

A Norfolk 10-year-old's "amazing" gesture will see a charity create its first ever wig made from Afro hair.

In August, the parents of Carly Gorton, from Southburgh near Hingham, began their search for a charity which could accept donated Afro hair after their selfless daughter announced her intention to shave and donate her curly locks.

Carly's mother, Anna Mudeka, contacted the Little Princess Trust, which accepts donated hair to make wigs for children and young people who have lost theirs because of treatments for cancer and other conditions.

The charity initially said it was unable to accept Afro hair, as it had been unable to figure out a way to use it because of its structure, but has now announced that its research has led to a new manufacturing technique.

Carly Gorton, 10, wishes to donate her hair to charity, but it turns out there is difficulty making

Carly Gorton, 10, wishes to donate her hair to charity, but it turns out there is difficulty making wigs with the type of hair she has. Her family are highlighting this and hope they can find a wig maker so Carly can help other children like her. Pictures: BRITTANY WOODMAN - Credit: Archant

Carly had her hair shaved off on Thursday, December 17, and will be donating it to the Little Princess Trust after their technological breakthrough.

Mrs Mudeka said: "We are so, so proud of what Carly has done and her hair is now going to the first ever Afro wig made by the Little Princess Trust.

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"We are also pleased to learn that they are now able to take Afro hair donations. Through working together this has to be one of the best outcomes for 2020."

Carly's actions have also raised £2,570.35 for the charity.

Carly Gorton, 10, wishes to donate her hair to charity, but it turns out there is difficulty making

Carly Gorton, 10, will be able to donate her Afro hair to The Little Princess Trust. Pictures: BRITTANY WOODMAN - Credit: Archant

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A statement from the Little Princess Trust said: "We are excited to announce that our research has led us to a new manufacturing technique which we believe will make it possible to use donations – such as the one from Carly – in wigs.

"The new procedure would see Afro hair donations made into wefts before these are then sewn into the wig base. This would make for a different type of wig to the one traditionally provided by The Little Princess Trust.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank Carly for all her support of our charity and for starting such a great conversation and debate about the use of Afro hair in wigs.

"We believe that the work of the many partners involved could lead to a landmark moment for The Little Princess Trust."

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