Little Angelina, two, from Gresham, on brink of double health boost

The parents of a toddler with a rare brain injury are counting the days to what could be a double breakthrough in her brave battle for health.

On September 27, Lisa Massingham and Stephen Mills will take two-year-old Angelina Mills to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, where they hope a surgeon will declare last year's pioneering brain surgery a success.

And at the same time they hope Angelina will pass another significant milestone - going one year without an epileptic seizure.

Angelina, two, from Gresham, suffers from Sturge-Weber syndrome which left her with a port wine stain on her face, epilepsy, bodily weakness and learning delay.

In a bid to stop seizures caused by the epilepsy she had an operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital on June 24 2010, which involved disconnecting the outer layer of the affected right half of her brain.

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A chicken pox vaccine triggered a handful of seizures in September last year, but recent MRI scan results have been sent to the surgeon and the family is now a few days away from seeing Angelina go one year without an attack.

Ms Massingham said: 'We believe the operation has worked. She is developing and is walking. But I want to hear the surgeon say it for himself, that she is 100pc seizure free.'

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Angelina has also recently had the first of what could amount to more than a dozen delicate laser treatments to reduce the port wine stain on her face.

Ms Massingham said: 'This has been on the cards since she was first born. But there have been other things to deal with first. Now she is finally having the treatment.

'It doesn't take effect immediately and she is looking quite bad at the moment. But we should see the impact soon.'

She added that the situation had 'put pressure on the whole family', including the couple's two sons, 10-year-old Luca and Stefan, nine.

She said: 'I don't want them to go back to school because I want to spend more time with them.'

Ms Massingham also said she had been encouraged by the supportive reaction from local people since Angelina's laser treatment.

She said: 'She has become a very popular little girl. When I first took her out in public I was very nervous. But people were asking about her and were so lovely.'

On June 17, Angelina marked her birthday and the looming anniversary of her brain operation by taking part in a sponsored two-mile walk around Sheringham with her family, to raise money for Sturge-Weber UK.

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