Litterbug caught on camera in Thetford

(Picture: Poppy Hewitt)

(Picture: Poppy Hewitt) - Credit: Archant

A truck driver has been caught on camera nonchalantly dropping litter on to the street in Thetford.

Having tucked into a McDonald's the unidentified motorist began to chuck his rubbish out of his window and on to the pavement as he enjoyed a quick break in a car park.

Onlooker Poppy Hewitt was disgusted with the man's behaviour and decided to film him in the act.

She later shared her video of the litterbug in action on Facebook, commenting: 'Just watched this bloke empty all his rubbish from his McDonald's straight out of his window!

'He had already lobbed the chip box - that's when I started filming as I knew the rest would shortly follow!!

'Sorry but littering is not on!


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And she isn't the only one disappointed by the man's actions.

'It's frustrating because there is probably a bin within 10 feet of him. No excuse,' one Facebook user commented.

'This makes me mad. Well done Poppy,' added another.

Poppy later told us that she would describe the truck driver as 'ignorant, thoughtless and lazy'.

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