Listen to Beach Boys style song which features Norfolk and Suffolk coast

They are a world famous band known for their 1960s hits California Girls, Surfin' USA and Good Vibrations.

And now the surfing and Californian youth culture sounds of the Beach Boys could help a musician get Norfolk and Suffolk's scenic coastlines into the pop charts.

James Clarke has recorded a summer single called Love's Gonna Be My Game, which is a tribute to one of his all time favourite bands.

Performing under the monicker James Clarke Five, the 45-year-old has given his tune a regional twang by name checking resorts and beaches across the region, such as Holkham and Cromer.

His ditty, which can be heard on the EDP's website before its release in the next few months, also features the former Gunton Sands nudist beach at Corton, near Lowestoft and the A47.

His solo song features the lyrics: 'Take a little drive up to Holkham Bay, Stopping for Cromer Crab on the way, Southwold, G.Y(Great Yarmouth), Sheringham, Ohh la la la its Gunton Sands, Cruisin' down the Acle Straight, tell mama we'll be a little late'.

Surprisingly Mr Clarke, who lives in Hackney, London, and was in the 1980s Liverpool band the Cherry Boys, had never seen the delights of East Anglia's shoreline until a few years ago.

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But thanks to his girlfriend of three years, Sheena Cameron, who lives in Dereham Road, Norwich he has sampled some of the region's most picturesque views on day trips.

However ironically one of the few places the couple has not visited is California, near Yarmouth.

Mr Clarke, who has released two albums under the name James Clarke Five, said: 'Love's Gonna Be My Game is an affectionate musical tribute to one of my all time favourite bands, the Beach Boys.

'As I started to think about the lyrics, it occurred to me that it might be interesting and an amusing idea to parody the band's tendency to sing about surfing spots across California, and instead substitute with them with places in Norfolk and Suffolk.

'I think Holkham is the most stunning place to visit in the area - it is head and shoulders above the rest - but I also quite like Cromer.

'I have also seen a couple of interesting things at the nudist beach, if I can put it that way.

'Obviously I would like to get a summer number one from the song, but I wont get carried away.

'A few sales in Norfolk and Suffolk though will get me off to a good start.

'I have to give special thanks to my girlfriend Sheena who has done her bit for the Norfolk and Suffolk tourist trade by introducing me to the many charms of both counties coastlines.'

Mr Clarke hopes to release Love's Gonna Be My Game as a download track.

He has also put the track on the Youtube website and can be heard by visiting

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