Inspiring girl helping tackle children's anxiety in reading videos


Lily Edgar, age 7, has been reading to children who suffer from axiety and sleep problems. - Credit: Kimberley Edgar

An inspiring young girl has taken the initiative to read bedtime stories to children suffering from anxiety and sleep problems.

Lily Edgar, aged seven, who lives in Oulton Broad, reads bedtime stories to children every Friday and her videos are uploaded to YouTube for youngsters everywhere to watch.

She started reading the bedtime stories as part of children's mental health week.


Lily started reading the stories as part of children's mental health week. - Credit: Kimberley Edgar

Lily's mum Kimberley Edgar said: "I'm so proud of Lily for doing this. Her brother Max suffers from anxiety and is having an autism assessment.

"This is why she decided to help other children and she's doing it all as part of children's mental health week as well."

Since Lily started her reading channel on YouTube, it has been a hit with children who have watched her videos.

Kimberley said: "The visually impaired community have been in contact with Lily to ask her to read for them.

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"She is great at explaining all the pictures and colour in detail to them."


Lily uses different accents and voices to entertainer her listeners. - Credit: Kimberley Edgar

She said the seven-year-old has a natural knack for storytelling.

"Lily puts on different accents for different characters in the books," Kimberley said.

"At one point she was putting on a Geordie accent, next minute she was doing goat noises, she is just fantastic."

The family moved up from Kent just before the first national lockdown in March 2020 so Lily has still not had a chance to meet all her new friends at her school through the various lockdowns.

Ms Edgar said: "This is Lily's way of reaching out to children and making friends virtually as well.

"The Covid pandemic has proved to be such a difficult time for children across the country as they have been in and out of school.

"It has had a huge impact on children's mental health and anxiety not knowing what may happen next.

"It is incredible that Lily has picked up on this anxiety felt by other children at such a young age.

"She doesn't just help other children, she helps me on a daily basis as well."

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