Lidl store in Caister wants to create more parking spaces

Lidl wants to expand parking

Lidl wants to expand parking - Credit: PA

The Lidl store in Caister has applied to expand its car parking provision by a quarter due to the financial success of the company.

The store off Norwich Road has submitted a planning application to the borough council asking for the creation of an extra 26 parking spaces by demolishing a home in Saxon Gardens and using a garden space of another property.

If approved it will mean there will be 109 parking spaces.

Lidl says the parking spaces bid is justified as a survey showed the car park is 'not capable of meeting demand at peak times resulting in customers being forced to leave the supermarket and try again at later times'.

The survey adds that 10pc of customers had difficulty finding parking spaces at the weekend.

The planning submission adds the store has seen increased footfall as part of a 10pc growth in the market share being enjoyed by Lidl in recent years.