Let us know what you think to Great Yarmouth getting a mixed review in the latest Rough Guide

A TOURISM boss has defended Great Yarmouth as a visitor hot spot after the town received a mixed review in a popular holiday guide.

The latest edition of the Rough Guide to Norfolk and Suffolk described the town as 'faded' and the heritage quarter as a 'slightly desperate tourist board epithet' - which has upset the community leader who believes Yarmouth has much going for it.

The book dedicates several pages to the seaside resort listing its various museums and attractions, including the Time and Tide museum and Smokehouse Museum and Pottery, along with restaurants and places to stay.

And although it gives the town a rather lowly introduction it goes on to praise some of its many gems, stating that Great Yarmouth is a 'hard place to dislike', and makes a case for visitors to spend more than just a day exploring it and its surrounds.

The book says: 'It's not everyone's cup of tea, but there is plenty to see, and as your expectations aren't sky-high, you might be pleasantly surprised.' It later adds that the heritage quarter's 'few attractions' are worth a visit and having a walk around.

Michael Jeal, cabinet member for tourism at Great Yarmouth Borough Council, however disagreed with some of the more negative comments.

He said: 'I think even if you had high expectations of Great Yarmouth you would be pleasantly surprised.

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'I think Yarmouth provides what people who come to Yarmouth want, which is a seafront and beach, and those that want to go to museums can.

'We try to provide everything for the tourist. If you want to go to heritage places and museums you can, if you want to sit on the beach and play amusements you can.

'We've spent �60m on the seafront in recent years and it looks really good.'

? What do you think to Rough Guide's take on Yarmouth? Do you think it is realistic or unfair? Leave your comments below.

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