Leeds United fan proposes to his girlfriend during half-time of Norwich City’s Premier League clash with Chelsea

As Kirsty stood chatting with her mum and dad at half-time, it was like any other Saturday at Carrow Road.

The game was being analysed, the traditional snacks were being munched and potential bets were being discussed.

But when she heard over the loudspeakers: 'Message for Kirsty Hadley in the Norwich and Peterborough stand, Kirsty are you listening?' she soon discovered it was no ordinary half-time interval.

Standing a couple of steps below her was her boyfriend Karl Hayward and in his hand was a velvet rose.

'The next thing I know the guy said 'your boyfriend Karl wants to know if you'll marry him' and I just started to cry.

'I can't even remember saying yes, I just hugged and kissed him,' said Kirsty, 30. It was a proposal that had thousands of people applauding and cheering and for Kirsty, who has been to Norwich games since she was seven, it was the perfect place for it to happen.

Karl, 30, is a Leeds fan but goes to a couple of games each year when he upgrades the season ticket of Kirsty's grandfather Ronald 'Jimbo' Green.

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After speaking to a friend who works at the club, Karl arranged for the announcement to be made at half-time when Kirsty walks up the tier to talk to her mum Jan and dad Graham, who are also season-ticket holders.

Karl said: 'We'd already looked at some rings and sizes, but she did not know how or when I might propose.

'I was using Valentine's Day as a decoy, to make her think it would be then, but I did it sooner.'

He added: 'I felt confident, 99.9pc, but I was a little on edge watching the clock tick down thinking it's getting closer and closer.'

However, Kirsty, whose mum and dad knew what was coming, said she had noticed nothing different about the day at all.

'Because of the person he is, I was expecting it in a year's time, so this weekend was a shock,' she said. She added: 'Considering he has never shown a romantic side in his life, it was as if he'd saved it all for this one go.

'And I got a massive bunch of flowers when I got home – he's never bought me flowers in my life.'

The couple, who live in King Street, Norwich and work alongside each other at Aviva, had first met when working as teenagers at the former PetSmart store on Hall Road. However they did not start going out until September 2010.

Kirsty, a former Hewett School student, said the proposal was extra special as she had been waiting for Karl, a former Hethersett High pupil, to do it for 12 years.

'He just did not know until last year,' she said.

Kirsty's younger brother Brett is getting married this year, and the couple expect to wait until 2014 for their wedding.

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