Lead singer of Great Yarmouth Sixties headline group The Mi££ionaires tunes in at the Acorn Centre

Singing group Sounds Familiar

Singing group Sounds Familiar - Credit: Acorn Centre

There's a blast from the past for fans of a former local Sixties band who played alongside Tom Jones, The Who and Donovan.

The Mi££ionaires with Steve Dunn as lead singer.

The Mi££ionaires with Steve Dunn as lead singer. - Credit: Steve Dunn

The Acorn Centre in Regent Street, Great Yarmouth is putting on a new weekly singing event and it will feature the former lead singer of the popular The Mi££ionaires pop group of the 1960s, who featured on the Sunday Summer shows at the Britannia Pier!

Since the centre opened, centre manager Jackie Tierney, has been keen to introduce new activities for everyone to enjoy - and now a trio called Sounds Familiar is entertaining everyone on a Thursday afternoon for singalong of old favourites.

Sounds Familiar are Acorn volunteers Steve Dunn, Wendy Reader and Sue Turner.

Sue has been a guitar teacher and singer all her life and has inspired many guitar students, including Wendy, who shares her passion. Before moving to Norfolk, Sue used to sing with Mirage, a folk group in Surrey, and after marrying and bringing up her family, has enjoyed singing with her daughter Kate at various events as well as continuing to teach guitar at adult education evening classes.

Steve is a qualified, now retired, social welfare worker and counsellor,. He has just returned to the area having lived in Australia and France for 40 years, and has a strong background in singing, including as the lead singer with The Mi££ionaires.

Wendy had a career in the civil service before retiring early, and then held several voluntary sector roles in the area including Victim Support, before becoming a volunteer with the Norfolk and Norwich association for the Blind, and the Acorn Centre.

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Sounds Familiar perform at the Acorn Centre 1.30pm to 2.30pm every Thursday, with sessions starting at 1pm and costing £2, which includes tea and coffee.

Under the Acorn theme of Everybody Can Sing, the lyrics are displayed on a large screen or individual songsheets can be issued, so everyone can join in to create a relaxed and enjoyablesingalong atmosphere.

There will no session on December 14, but a special Christmas Singalong on Wednesday, December 13 at the regular time instead.

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