Latest: Tories maintain grip on Breckland District Council

Conservatives maintained their massive majority on Breckland Council after winning 47 of the 54 seats.

The party lost one councillor overall with Labour gaining one to end up with four and there will still be three independents.

Stuart Green has become one of the youngest councillors in the country at the age of 18 years and two months.

He got the biggest cheer of the day as won for the Conservatives in Dereham Humbletoft ward and said: 'I am really happy and had a lot of positive reaction while I was canvassing. People have found it really good that someone young can bring energy and life.'

The highest profile casualty was Labour councillor Michael Fanthorpe who was defeated in Dereham Central ward.

He was not at the count but Labour group leader Robin Goreham said: 'He was philosophical and accepted it but is obviously very sad. For me it is a devastating blow'

Breckland leader William Nunn said he was 'very pleased' with the overall result.

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He said he had been 'slightly concerned' that voters may react to the government's policy to reduce the budget deficit.

'The electorate are obviously supportive of the way the government is leading and indeed the way Breckland has gone forward with sharing services with another council and doing our best to safeguard frontline services.'

Mr Nunn said there were still tough decisions to be made to save another �1m.

Turnout varied greatly across Breckland with numbers varying from 26pc to 55pc.

There were a considerable number of spoilt papers, including some where people had written names 'Bin Laden' and 'Colonel Gaddafi' on the voting papers.

Results: (*indicates sitting councillor and elected councillors in BOLD.)

All Saints ward (Ellinghams, Rockland, Scoulton): *BILL SMITH (C) (uncontested).

Buckenham (two councillors): Timothy Bornett (Ind) 127, Roger Fryatt (Lab) 95, *ADRIAN JOEL (C) 520.

Burgh and Haverscroft (Attleborough): Julian Crutch (Lab) 387, *KEITH MARTIN (C) 772, *ADRIAN STASIAK (C) 592.

Conifer (Mundford and surrounding villages): Peter Knights (Ind) 192, *ANN STEWARD (C) 471.

Dereham Central (two councillors): Sinead Bowyer (Green) 263, Antonio Choca (C) 559, *Michael Fanthorpe (Lab) 659, *ROBIN GOREHAM (Lab) 678, THOMAS MONUMENT (C) 705.

Dereham Humbletoft: David Bowyer (Green) 118, Linda Goreham (Lab) 266, STUART GREEN (C) 358.

Dereham Neatherd (two councillors): Michael Bennett (Lab) 282, Ann Bowyer (Green) 354, Bryan Darnell (Green) 200, *LINDA MONUMENT (C) 777, WILLIAM RICHMOND (C) 651, Craig Warmer (Lab) 224.

Dereham Toftwood (two councillors): Maria Almeida (Lab) 345, Patricia Arnold (Lab), 308 Timothy Birt (Green) 346, *PHILLIP DUIGAN (C) 694, KATE MILLBANK (C) 698.

East Guiltcross (Banham, Quidenham, Snetterton): *STEPHEN ASKEW (C) 480, Ann Lambert (Lab) 200.

Eynsford (Bawdeswell, Sparham areas): *GORDON BAMBRIDGE (C) 597, Natasha Chamberlain (Lab) 269.

Haggard De Toni (Bradenham and Saham Toney): CHARLES CARTER (C) 593, Paul Thompson (UKIP) 220.

Harling and Heathlands (two councillors): *KAY FISHER (C) 928, Stephen Green (Lab) 403, ELLEN JOLLY (C) 875.

Hermitage (Colkirk, Weasenhams area): TREVOR CARTER (C) 526, James Leigh-Wood (UKIP) 171 , John Williams (Lab) 230.

Launditch (Dunhams, Litcham area): Toby Coke (UKIP) 144, Tom Goreham (Lab) 215, *MARK KIDDLE-MORRIS (C) 522.

Mid Forest (Cressinghams, Oxborough, South Pickenham area): BERNARD ENGLISH (C) (uncontested).

Nar Valley (Narborough, South Acre area): Anna Hamilton (UKIP) 332, *DAVID WILLIAMS (C) 469.

Necton: Joe Sisto (Lab) 293, *NIGEL WILKIN (C) 465.

Queens (Attleborough) (three councillors): *ALEC BYRNE (C), JENNY NORTH (C), *SIMON ROGERS (C) (uncontested).

Shipdham: Ivan Chubbock (Ind) 225, Graham Hayden (Lab) 125, LYNDA TURNER (C) 323.

Springvale and Scarning (Fransham, Gressenhall, Longham, Scarning, Wendling) (two councillors): *ELIZABETH Gould (C) 840, DIANA IRVING (C) 786, Jane Keidan-Cooper (Green) 395, Lew Pearson (Lab) 427.

Swaffham (three councillors): Charles Gunner (LD) 504, Sandra Kerridge (Lab) 610, *SHIRLEY MATTHEWS (C) 1299, Thelma Paines (Lab) 436, *FRANK SHARPE (C) 1055, *IAN SHERWOOD (C) 1150, Yvonne Sully (Lab) 421.

Swanton Morley: Jane Ironside (Green) 145, ROBERT RICHMOND (C) 422 , Trevor Wood (Ind) 343.

Taverner (Beetley, Brisley, Mileham): *RICHARD DUFFIELD (C) 619, Nick Terrett (Lab) 218.

Templar (Carbrooke, Caston, Griston, Ovington): *JOHN ROGERS (C) (uncontested).

Thetford Abbey (two councillors): Mike Brindle (LD) 229, Brenda Canham (Lab) 266, CARL CLARK (Lab) 273, Jeff Davey (Green) 99, *PAULINE QUADLING (Ind) 385, *Mike Spencer (C) 253.

Thetford Castle: ROY BRAME (C) 191, Danny Jeffrey (LD) 52, *TERRY LAMB (Ind) 242, Julia Yelloly (Green) 99.

Thetford Guildhall (three councillors): Ray Barker (Lab) 500, Mariusz Gozdek (Lab) 362, Ray Key (Lab) 553, *ROBERT KYBIRD (C) 821, John Rutter (LD) 307, Margaret Rutter (LD) 288, BRYAN SKULL (C) 712, *PAM SPENCER (C) 793.

Thetford Saxon (three councillors): SYLVIA ARMES (Lab) 528, *Marion Chapman-Allen (C) 397, Denis Crawford (UKIP) 388, TERRY JERMY (Lab) 659, Paul Kybird (C) 383, MARK ROBINSON (C) 409, Yvonne Rout (Ind) 233, Dennis Sully (Lab) 399, Sandra Walmsley (Green) 146, Bob Waple (Ind) 315.

Two Rivers (Tuddenhams, Mattishall, Hockering) (two councillors): Harry Clarke (Lab) 410, *PAUL CLAUSSEN (C) 809, Andrew Mitchell (Green), 326, BRIAN ROSE (C) 791.

Upper Wensum: *BILL BORRETT (C) 592, John Savory (UKIP) 289.

Upper Yare (Cranworth, Garvestone, Yaxham area): *CLIFF JORDAN (C) 730, Benjamin Macann (Lab) 256.

Watton (three councillors): *CLAIRE BOWES (C) 1179, *KEITH GILBERT (Ind) 1158, Margaret Holmes (Lab) 544, Graham Langford (UKIP) 539, Christopher Walls (Lab) 409, MICHAEL WASSELL (C) 1014.

Wayland (Hockham, Wretham area): *PHIL COWEN (C) 574, Vanessa King (Green) 213.

Weeting: *ROBERT CHILDERHOUSE (C) 465, David Hodgkinson (Lab) 130, Jeffrey Prosser (Green) 184.

West Guiltcross (Lophams, Blo Norton, Kenninghall): Steve Norton (LD) 172, *WILLIAM NUNN (C) 491, Jim Waters (Lab) 201.

Wissey (Ashill, Holme Hale, North Pickenham): *Jill Ball (Ind) 292, PAUL DARBY (C) 475 , Alison Haines (Green) 202.

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