Large surprise for Lowestoft knife amnesty

A year long knife amnesty in Lowestoft saw one man get rid off of a staggering 570 pocket, lock, throwing and combat knives during one day last month.

The large stash of bladed items have ended up in the town's Bin a Blade amnesty bin outside Lowestoft police station.

They were placed in the yellow bin after they were found by a business man while he was renovating a recently purchased business premises.

Insp Sarsfield Donohue said 'In the stock room he discovered several boxes of knives, all believed to belong to a previous business and all which would have probably been offered for sale. Many were still in the original boxes and packaging.

'The new owner wanted to safely dispose of the knives and contacted the police station to discuss the matter.

'I advised him he could dispose of them via the knife amnesty, as they would be completely taken out of circulation and properly destroyed.

The following afternoon he arrived at the station, where he handed the items over to me.'

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In total 623 knives were dumped in Lowestoft's Bin a blade bin in Old Nelson Street.

The bin has been in the town since December as part of a county wide year long amnesty. In May 885 bladed items were dumped in six bins across the county.

All of the knives and blades will be shredded.