Photographers capture the moment animals take flight over Snettisham

Knot birds form animals during the Snettisham Spectacular

The Snettisham Spectacular is one of the highlights of the Norfolk birdwatching calendar. - Credit: Matthew Jessop/Christian Bulch

Norfolk photographers have captured groups of shorebirds as they took flight from Snettisham, resulting in some gorgeous photos.

The images have been taken during theĀ 'Snettisham Spectacular', a time when migratory birds arrive in the county.

Christian Bulch, from Cromer, caught the moment that the knot birds formed a dolphin leaping out of the water, on September 8.

Flying knot birds form the shape of a Dolphin in Snettisham

Flying knot birds formed the shape of a dolphin during the Snettisham Spectacular. - Credit: Christian Bulch

Later that evening, Matthew Jessop photographed the knot birds as they took the shape of a seal.

Flying knot birds forming a seal during the Snettisham Spectacular

Flying knot birds forming a seal during the Snettisham Spectacular - Credit: Matthew Jessop

The event is one of the highlights of Norfolk's bird-watching calendar and occurs due to large numbers of knot birds being forced off mud flats at Snettisham beach by the incoming tide.

The birds take flight and whirl in the air to find a new resting spot on the mud flats, before settling on the other side of the lagoon at high tide.

More information and a full timetable of when the 'Snettisham Spectacular' can be witnessed can be found on the RSPB website.

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