Couple need a shed to house their US Amy lorry

Charlotte Rogers and Justin Howells

Charlotte Rogers and Justin Howells, who have applied to build a shed to house their restored US Army lorry - Credit: Justin Howells

Two military vehicle enthusiasts have applied for planning permission to build a shed to house their weekend runabout - a Cold War US Army lorry.

Justin Howells spent restored the 1950s 6x6 truck after buying it in 2017. Mr Howells, 37, and his partner Charlotte Rogers, 31, enjoy taking the vehicle to shows.

Now the couple have applied to build a shed in the back garden of their home in Mill Road, Walpole St Peter, near King's Lynn, to keep it in.

In a letter to council planners, they say the lorry needs a 4m-high garage to protect it from the elements.

"The truck was stationed in Germany on a US base and was decommissioned in the 90s when it came to the UK," said internet marketer Mr Howells.

US Army lorry

The restored US Army lorry, which needs a shed to protect it from the elements - Credit: Justin Howells

"It's a USA built 1958 REO M109A3, fitted with an 8l multi-fuel engine. Originally it would have been used as mobile workshop. I obtained it in 2017 and restored it as you see it now. 

"It took about six months to restore and the hardest part was repainting it on my driveway in the middle of February. It does run we use it regularly throughout the summer months and occasionally in the winter when I fancy a freezing trip out. I have never accurately measured the economy but believe it achieves between six - 12mpg. If you're crazy enough to own one of these mpg isn't something you worry yourself with too much."

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"I always wanted one of these and have a passion for military vehicles, for me somehow owning a classic car wouldn't cut it. We regularly use it to go to military shows and it certainly turns a few heads wherever it goes."

The couple recently moved to the Fens from Buckinghamshire. The lorry still stored in a barn near their former home in Aylesbury.