King’s Lynn taxi couple are on road to recovery

A couple who suffered a terrifying arson attack which destroyed their home are rebuilding their lives and their business.

South Lynn taxi driver Robert Whitby, 56, was jailed for 12 years in September, after a court heard he set fire to his brother-in-law Michael Jackson's house and ran him over.

He smashed his way into the Jacksons' home in Middleton and fired a flare gun which set the house ablaze.

As Mr Jackson, 51, tried to escape, Whitby pursued him in his car and twice ran him over – the second time in front of police rushing to the scene of the incident.

Mr Jackson and his 58-year-old wife Jane were left homeless after the fire, which completely gutted their home on Norwich Road.

Both still bear the scars from the frenzied attack – which escalated from a family argument over the ownership of a car.

'I've suffered post-traumatic stress disorder, I was underneath the car, he ran me over twice, he set fire to the house when my wife was in it,' said Mr Jackson, 51. 'We were on tablets for a year just to get better.

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'It's taken us over a year to get things sorted. We're just settling with the insurance, we've got a lovely property but there's stuff that you lost you can never replace.'

The Jackson's home and some of its contents have now been replaced by their insurers – with the bill so far standing at �176,000.

The couple also lost their taxi licences after the incident, after council officials deemed them unfit to hold them.

After building their Klas-Cars business up from scratch, the Jacksons were determined not to lose their livelihood.

'They thought we'd lie down and go away but we didn't – I'm a fighter,' said Mr Jackson.

Mr Jackson took West Norfolk Council to court, before being given his licence back in an out-of-court settlement.

The couple now run a new taxi business called King's Lynn Airport Services.

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