King’s Lynn firefighter left paralysed on stag-do in Majorca

Screengrab from Just Giving page for James Thorpe. Picture: Supplied

Screengrab from Just Giving page for James Thorpe. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Supplied

A Norfolk firefighter has been left paralysed after falling while on his stag-do in Majorca.

James Thorpe, 28, who is a full-time firefighter based in King's Lynn, is due to get married on June 24.

His family and fiancée have flown out to the Spanish island to be by his side.

Friend Simon Burch, a firefighter based in Dereham, has set up a Just Giving page to help Mr Thorpe and his family.

The £1,000 target was reached within about 30 minutes of it going online, thanks to 52 supporters donating between £10 and £50 apiece,

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Mr Burch said: 'James flew out on his stag-do to Magaluf on the island of Majorca last Thursday. He had a devastating accident which left him with a broken neck and paralysed. He fell in the water, just as he was walking into the sea. He had only been on the island about three hours.

'I have spoken to him since, and, if anything, he seemed the most upbeat person there. The wedding is still on at present.'

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Mr Thorpe, who is single and has no children, has been based in Lynn for about a year, having been transferred from a London station.

Mr Burch said he had been 'doing very well' and enjoying his time in Lynn.

Tim Edwards, West Norfolk's Fire Service District Manager, said: 'James sustained a spinal injury while on holiday in Majorca. He had an operation on his spine in Majorca, on Wednesday.

'I don't know the prognosis or the full extent of his injuries. He's being made stable in hospital before he's flown home as soon as possible. We don't know when that will be.

'When he gets back home there will be further ongoing treatment.'

Coincidently, King's Lynn fire station manager Bob Ayers was on holiday in Majorca at the same time, and he's now liaising with Mr Thorpe's family. Meanwhile, Chief Fire Officer for Norfolk, Roy Harold said crews across the region were wishing Mr Thorpe and his family all the best.

He said: 'We ask crew/ firefighters to let us know if they've been in an accident, which is likely to mean they will be off more than a week, while on holiday, as we will need to get cover for them at their stations. The fire service is a close-knit family.'

Mr Thorpe, who lives in Boston, is also believed to be getting help from the British Consul in Majorca, His marriage will take place in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

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