King’s Lynn bus lane closed for widening work in a �130,000 project

Harding's Pits pinch-point will be eradicated so buses can use road across South Lynn

Work began Monday on widening a narrow stretch of bus lane in King's Lynn.

The stretch of road across Hardings Pits was opened in 2011, but had a narrow pinch-point which made it difficult for buses to negotiate.

The �1.5m route was officially opened in March of last year, but was deemed to be only suitable for drivers who had received training because it was so narrow.

No buses at all used it for the first week after it was opened because of the need for increased driver training.

A spokesman for Norfolk County Council said the project had continued at the time despite the narrow strip, because otherwise funding for the entire scheme may have been lost. But the narrow section meant the lane wasn't being used by as many buses as it should.

The current �130,00 project will see the road widened to 4.5m, which should allow enough space for drivers to negotiate the bend and for buses to pass each other. There will also be room allowed for a footway and cycle path. Work is being done now because the Environment Agency has given permission to realign the flood bank, which can be done during a period of relatively low tides.

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The project is scheduled to last for around eight weeks and the road will be closed to buses.

The road, from Boal Street to Wisbech Road was originally constructed to ease air quality issues on the town's London Road.

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