'Who's this Bill bloke?' - Tiny turnout for town protest

Kill the Bill King's Lynn

Six-year-old Elizabeth makes her views known at a Kill the Bill protest in King's Lynn - Credit: Chris Bishop

A handful of protesters flew the flag as Kill the Bill took to the streets of King's Lynn.

They gathered on what would normally be one of the busiest parts of the High Street, outside Primark, as just a trickle of shoppers came past.

Kill the BIll

Activists take part in a Kill the Bill protest in King's Lynn - Credit: Chris Bishop

"I was worried it would just be me," said activist Jo Rust, whose placard read: "Democracy what an incredible nuisance."

"I'm here because we've got to protest but I could be doing better things on a Saturday afternoon like painting my fence."

Kill the BIll

Actvists fear new laws could make peaceful protest illegal - Credit: Chris Bishop

Campaigners fear the police, crime, sentencing and courts bill, which has passed its second reading, could make protests illegal.

"It's about having the legal right to protest," Ms Rust told one curious shopper.

"I'm all for that," the woman said.

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"If we hadn't protested, we wouldn't have the right to vote," added Ms Rust.

Kill the Bill

Jo Rust explains to a shopper in King's Lynn why she is protesting about the new police, crime, sentencing and courts bill - Credit: Chris Bishop

One man mumbled: "I'm not going vegan. It's up to me if I want to eat meat." Another turned to a friend and asked: "Who's this Bill bloke?"

KIll the BIll

Few shoppers were in King's Lynn as a Kill the Bill protest took place in the High Street - Credit: Chris Bishop

Protests elsewhere have turned ugly. But the Lynn demo passed off without incident.

Two police officers walked past before keeping a watch from a distance. "Pity it's not turned out out nice like last weekend," one told protesters.

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