Kells Angels launches random act of kindness campaign

Kelly Eade who is launching Kells Angels. PHOTO: Nick Butcher

Kelly Eade who is launching Kells Angels. PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

It's over 40 years since the infamous American crime drama Charlie's Angels first aired and now a new social project is being launched that pays tribute to the group, even if only in name.

A new non-profit organisation called Kells Angels is being launched to give people recognition for being kind and thoughtful towards others.

Run through social media and Harbour radio, the project has been set up by Kelly Eade, and will involve certificates, called Angel wings, being given to deserving members of the community who have been nominated.

CJ Brown a local musician has got involved in the project and is producing a backing track and song for the organisation.

The awards system will be covered by Mrs Eade's radio show.

Mrs Eade said: 'It seems that people have become so materialistic and driven by technology that we are loosing touch of humanity. More and more people daily are being diagnosed with depression and anxiety and it makes me really sad.

'I want to give people recognition for being kind and thoughtful and giving selflessly to others.

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In a world full of scare mongering and negativity I'd like to Highlight some positivity and restore some faith in Humanity.

'There are many Good people in the world that go without the recognition that they deserve and Id like to change that.

Mrs Eade hopes her initiative will help produce a more caring community. She said: 'I would love to start a chain reaction of happy positive people that look out for each other, say hello when they pass each other in the street or simply smile, hold doors open for each other, offer people that are struggling help or if you yourself are unable to help maybe point them in to the direction of somebody that you believe can.'

Harbour radio is a volunteer based station run by Nevv Moore. It aims to support the local community by giving out useful information, helplines and guidance.

To nominate someone for an Angel wing award contact Kelly Eade on 07586 655819 or email her on

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