keeper’s blog: “The cubs are doing amazingly well”

Banham Zoo shows off their newest additions to the park, as yet, unnamed tiger cubs which are now kn

Banham Zoo shows off their newest additions to the park, as yet, unnamed tiger cubs which are now known to be girls. - Credit: Archant

Welcome to our tiger cub update, during the next few weeks the tiger keepers at Banham Zoo are going to try and give you daily updates on how the tiger cubs at Banham Zoo are developing.

'The cubs are doing amazingly well and we notice changes in their behaviour all the time. Yesterday both cubs entered the house when mum, Sveta, came in for one of her feeds, they are still quite nervous of their keepers though and as soon as they saw one of us they bolted straight back into the wooded copse

They did however come over to the fence at the public feed, this occurs late afternoon when our education officers talk to our visitors about tigers whilst one of the keepers feeds the adult cats. One cub came to within two metres of the fence although the other stayed a bit further back so it seems they are growing in confidence. They spent the rest of the day either sleeping or playing, if not with each other than with mum's tail, it's the perfect toy for a baby tiger.

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Now that the cubs have been sexed as females the zoo has decided to launch an eBay auction, auctioning off the rights to name the cubs with all the proceeds will go to 21st Century Tiger. This charity does amazing work helping to save tigers in the wild. We are very excited by the thought that we will be raising money for them as well as finding out what our tigers will eventually be called, it's a very exciting time to be a cat keeper at Banham Zoo and we look forward to sending you another update again soon .

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