Just three wards to vote for in Lowestoft Town Council elections as remaining wards and Oulton Broad seats are uncontested

Lowestoft town centre. Picture: Nick Butcher.

Lowestoft town centre. Picture: Nick Butcher. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Residents will be asked to vote for just three out of the seven wards for the new Lowestoft Town Council when they go to the polling stations next month.

Nicholas Everitt Park, Oulton Broad.
Picture: Nick Butcher

Nicholas Everitt Park, Oulton Broad. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

The candidates standing for both Lowestoft and the new Oulton Broad Parish Council have been revealed, with the latter election uncontested.

Four wards for the Lowestoft election are also uncontested - Normanston, Gunton, Pakefield and St Margaret's - meaning many have automatically secured a seat.

There are 20 seats available for Lowestoft Town Council, with two for the Gunton ward and three each for the Elmtree, Harbour, Kirkley, Normanston, Pakefield and Whitton wards. There are 12 seats available for Oulton Broad, but only six people nominated.

A spokesman for Waveney District Council said: 'We are very pleased that people want to represent their local communities in Lowestoft and Oulton Broad, and although not every seat will be filled at this stage, we are looking forward to a really positive launch for the new councils.

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'We understand that this is a step in to the unknown and that many local people may want to 'wait and see' before committing themselves. However, there will still be a chance for residents to be 'co-opted' on to the new authorities and it will be up to the elected representatives to decide how they would like this to work, when they meet for the first time after the elections.'

The new councils will represent local people on local issues and will be responsible for some services and assets in the area like play areas, parks and gardens. Some of the larger assets due to be transferred include Lowestoft Town Hall, the Marina Theatre and Nicholas Everitt Park.

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Voters will go to the polls on May 4.

The first meeting of Oulton Broad Parish Council will take place on May 15 at Riverside in Lowestoft, with future meetings likely to be held at St Mark's Church in Oulton Broad. Lowestoft Town Council will meet for the first time on May 16, also at Riverside. It will then be for the new council to decide where they will hold their meetings.

For more information visit www.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/elections

Who is standing where?

Those nominated for the Lowestoft Elmtree ward are Peter Lang, Green; Bill Mountford, Independent; Chris Thomas, Liberal Democrats and Nick Webb, Independent.

Those nominated for the Lowestoft Harbour ward are Nasima Begum, Labour; Ian Graham, Labour; Peter Knight, Independent; David Ormsby, Independent and Steve Pullen, Independent.

And those nominated for the Lowestoft Kirkley ward are Desmond Baldry, Independent; Wendy Dalton, June Ford, Labour; Mark Moran, Green; Alice Taylor, Independent and Jennifer Wallin, Independent.

Those standing in the uncontested election for Lowestoft Normanston are Neil Coleby, Labour; Tracey Eastwood and Keith Patience, with Alan Green, Labour, uncontested for Lowestoft Pakefield, Graham Parker, Independent; uncontested for Lowestoft Gunton and Allyson Barron, Labour, and Baz Bemment, Independent, uncontested for Lowestoft St Margaret's.

Those standing in the uncontested election for Oulton Broad are Christine Ashdown, Ben Falat, Independent; William Harding, Independent; Sandra Keller, Andrew Page and Steve Sturgess, Independent.

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