June busted out all over

It was the fifth consecutive June with above average temperatures.

It was the fifth consecutive June with above average temperatures. The mean maximum was 1.8C above normal but the mean minimum was 0.2C below. Sunshine was the highest since 1989. It was the driest June since 1996.

The first 12 days were dry apart from light falls of 0.8mm on both the 1st and 7th. The 13th was a day of heavy showers (15.4mm) and was followed by six dry days. Showers fell late on the 20th (2mm) and overnight of the 21st (0.4mm). Further showers on the 24th (0.6mm) were followed by light rain on the 26th (1.6mm) and 27th (0.4mm). The rest of the month was dry.

A rare overcast day on the 1st gave way to sunny spells on the 2nd and long spells of sunshine on the 3rd (13.6 hours). Near-to-normal sunshine on the 4th and 5th was followed by a week of long sunny spells: in excess of 10 hours sunshine was recorded on every day during this period and over 14 hours were measured on both the 9th and 10th. Sunny spells were recorded from the 13th to 25th. Amounts varied from slightly below normal to slightly above but no extremes of sunshine or cloud were experienced. The 26th was completely overcast: sunny periods occurred the next day and the last three days of the month saw a return to long sunny spells, when an average of 12 hours sunshine was recorded.

The coolest day since 1995 was recorded on the 1st, and daytime temperatures remained below normal until the 6th, with the exception of the 4th. It was noticeably cool at night until the 7th. Daytime temperatures were well above normal from the 7th to 12th and night time recordings climbed steadily to just above the long-term average. Temperatures exceeded 22C in this period and were above 27C on both the 11th and 12th. It became cooler on the 13th and below-normal temperatures occurred on the 14th and 15th. Warmer conditions returned on the 16th and persisted until the 20th.