Jono's bid to KO speeders

Champion boxer Jon Thaxton has urged motorists to think twice before speeding as he backed a new road safety campaign.

Champion boxer Jon Thaxton yesterday urged motorists to think twice before speeding as he backed a new road safety campaign.

The Norfolk-born British Lightweight Champion volunteered his services to the campaign run by the police, county council and safety camera project in a bit to get the anti-speeding message across to young drivers.

Jon - who is known to fans as Jono and is preparing to defend his title in front of 2,000 at the Norfolk Showground tomorrow night - will feature in a series of radio adverts.

He said: “I've been fortunate in that I haven't lost any friends or family in a road accident. But this is something which affects a huge number of people and the consequences can be devastating.

“You see the results of speeding on a day to day basis and it only takes a child slipping away from their parents or somebody stepping into the road and the results can be tragic.

“I'm sure we've all driven above the speed limit at some point in our life in a rush to get somewhere. But it just isn't worth it. For the sake of knocking a couple of minutes off your journey it's not worth risking lives.”

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Bryan Edwards, spokesman for the safety camera project, thanked Jon for giving his time free of charge. He said he was the ideal choice for getting the message across to a younger generation.

He said: “We want to get the message across to young people, particularly young men who are often referred to as 'boy racers'.

“We are delighted that Jon agreed to take part as he is the perfect role model to the group we are trying to reach. It is great that someone of his profile and with is local links is prepared to give up his time to help with something like this.”