Join the Queen on a drive in her Land Rover on the Sandringham Estate in this video from 1992

Queen Elizabeth II driving herself in a Land Rover Defender on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. Ph

Queen Elizabeth II driving herself in a Land Rover Defender on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. Photo: PA Wire/Nick Ansell - Credit: PA WIRE

In celebration of The Queen's upcoming 90th birthday, we've dug out some archive videos of her visits to the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

'I love this place!' proclaims Queen Elizabeth II, as she shifts gears in her Land Rover.

In the video uploaded to YouTube by reelsarency, The Queen can be seen in a clip from the 1992 BBC documentary 'Elizabeth R: A Year in the Life of The Queen', driving across the Sandringham Estate from Wolferton Stud to the kennels where her hunting dogs are kept.

She voices her appreciation for Norfolk with her passenger, stating 'how anybody can say Norfolk is flat I don't know' as she admires the picturesque countryside, before stumbling across two rabbit poachers.

She also reveals her grandmother's 'passionate hatred' for ivy, a feeling she appears to share as she discusses having the offending plant removed from her trees.

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Another clip from the documentary, this one dating back to December 1990, shows the Queen and various members of the Royal Family gathering at Sandringham to celebrate the christening of Princess Eugenie of York. The scenes are reminiscent of those that took place only last July as the family gathered once more at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham for Princess Charlotte's christening.

In the footage, the family can be seen chatting, joking, eating and taking photos. Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry are all present.

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The Queen goes on to share her thoughts on Sandringham while a photographer positions various family members for a picture outside the house. 'Sandringham is an escape place,' she says. 'But it is also a working place and a commercially viable bit of England.'

She proceeds to reveal that her feelings toward the area may stem from her family. 'I suppose because it's an inherited place, one's known it ever since one was a child, I knew how much my father enjoyed it, well in fact all my family, ever since King Edward bought it, they've all enjoyed it here,' she adds.

Her love of Sandringham and the countryside is also evident in a video of a visit from 1943 entitled 'Harvest Time on a Royal Estate', uploaded by British Pathe.

The clip shows various shots of the future Queen, with her parents and sister. The family set off from Sandringham on bicycles to inspect the crops being harvested on the estate.

The narrator of the clip tells viewers of Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret's 'inherent love for the country life' as footage shows the girls walking through fields, climbing on combine harvesters and playing with dogs.

The final video is a piece from 1988 uploaded by iLovePrincessDiana on YouTube and finds the Queen and her family making their annual New Year's visit to Sandringham Church.

In this clip it is not The Queen that can be seen climbing on things, but instead her grandchildren.

The Queen it seems had arranged a special treat for her grandchildren and for the press, whom she hoped would leave her and her family alone over the holiday period if she gave them exclusive images.

The footage shows William and Harry playing on a 1939 fire engine, dressed in clothes that The Queen would have worn herself in the 30s. The Queen watches with caution as the children pretend to save the day and put out fires in their gold helmets.

•Do you have any memories of the Queen in Norfolk? Share them with us in the comments below.

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