Jim Davidson supports mission to name Norfolk lifeboat after late nurse

The 2015 Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival.Caister Lifeboat.Picture: James Bass

Jim Davidson is supporting a Norfolk family in their efforts to raise enough money to name the new Caister Lifeboat after Annette Thurlow. - Credit: James Bass

Jim Davidson is supporting a family's mission to raise thousands of pounds for a new lifeboat in memory of a nurse who "lived her life trying to help others".

The family of Annette Thurlow, who died in 2018, are hoping to raise £500,000 towards the construction of a new £2.5m all-weather boat for Caister Lifeboat.

The donor that raises the highest amount towards the new vessel gets to name it and the family is hoping that with the help of Mr Davidson, they will be able to name it after her.

The comedian has organised for the family to collect donations before and after all the shows on his Unlocked tour.

He is also producing a charity special for his YouTube channel with the aim of raising a further £50,000 for the cause.

Comedian Jim Davidson with current and former crew members of Caister Lifeboat before the launch of the Bernard Matthews II.

Comedian Jim Davidson with crew members of Caister Lifeboat before the launch of the Bernard Matthews II. - Credit: Chris Bond

The Caister Lifeboat team is hoping to raise thousands of pounds over the coming months and have already secured more than £20,000 in donations.

Richard Thurlow, assistant coxswain of Caister Lifeboat, said: “Mum died in 2018 and it had been really important for her to be an organ donor.

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"She was a nurse for more than 30 years so she lived her life trying to help others.

“It was devastating when we were told that would not be possible because the coroner could not find a cause of death.

“We thought having the new lifeboat named after her would be a fitting tribute to a woman who did everything she could for others.

"Jim has been phenomenal with his support and we’ve already managed to collect more than £5,000 from his shows alone."

Mr Davidson has supported the Caister Lifeboat organisation after meeting some members of the crew in Great Yarmouth more than 30 years ago.

He said: “They came up to me after a show and we got chatting, and they turned out to be fantastic blokes. That night they threw me over the side of the boat and rescued me, and then we realised I had the wages for the band in my pocket.

“We’ve been friends ever since and I’m delighted to help the campaign. 

“Keep donating everyone so we can get this wonderful lady remembered.”