Japanese restaurant owner dishes out priceless comeback to TripAdvisor critic

Shiki in Norwich Credit: Louisa Baldwin

Shiki in Norwich Credit: Louisa Baldwin - Credit: Archant

The owner of a Japanese restaurant in Norwich has blasted a TripAdvisor critic who said they could find better sushi at a supermarket.

Shiki in Norwich Credit: Google Maps

Shiki in Norwich Credit: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

Shiki restaurant, located in Tombland, enjoys a 4.5 star ranking on the review website for its authentic Japanese dishes and sushi.

But when a customer posted a review on the site with the header 'horrible sushi and service', owner Shun Tomii felt something fishy was going on.

The reviewer wrote: 'I have never been to any sushi restaurants where the sushi is this bad.

'The rice was falling apart when got picked up. The rice was too warm and did not taste like what sushi should be.

Sushi set on a wooden plate and dark concrete background. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Sushi set on a wooden plate and dark concrete background. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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'Honestly Tesco sushi would taste even better than here.

'The unfriendly customer service didn't really help with my experience here either.

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'The waitress refused to sit us down even though there were spare tables, instead asking us to wait outside the restaurant for 15 minutes until our booked time (we got sat down to that spare table).

'The waitress literally yelled at us when taking orders and was extremely rude.

'Will never return here and would recommend everyone to avoid.

But Mr Tomii wasn't having any of it and responded to the criticisms of the food and service.

READ MORE: 'Children should eat what they are given' - Norwich restaurateur defends TripAdvisor takedowns 'Thank you for your review and thank you for finishing everything on the plate.

'We try our best to beat Tesco's cold, plastic sushi.

'Please come to a restaurant on TIME. We are always juggling with tables and even if it looks empty, it might have been booked. We have you a table at your booking time.'

Another reviewer also posted on TripAdvisor with a one-star review and Mr Tomii wasn't having any of it.

The review began: 'We popped in for lunch and the girl didn't want to give us the full menu?

'We eventually ordered and it came out in bits, we ordered it to come out together!

'There was a huge wait for our miso starter which came out last?

'There were sashimi prawns with the intestines still in them (the poo sack) the chef noticed that I had pulled it out and told me in an aggressive manner that they don't clean them and that's what it was... it is not acceptable to expect customers to eat poo!!!'

'If they don't clean them do they clean anything? It really does make you wander!! Safe to say we will never return as this's unacceptable!! All in all terrible from start to finish.'

READ MORE: 'It's destroying lives' - Norfolk chef opens up about dark side of TripAdvisor Again, Mr Tomii didn't hold back in his response to the disgruntled customer.

'As I have responded on the Facebook page, we do not clean AMAEBI sweet shrimp (it's not even a prawn!!!)

'Do you think Japanese people or our customers have miso soup as a starter? The answer is NO. We (Japanese) as well as our customers have miso soup with food.

'You don't know the difference between yellow tail and yellow fin tuna, you don't know when to have miso soup and you obviously don't know anything about how to eat sweet shrimp.

'You are a typical guy who says everything is fine at the restaurant but writes ridiculous reviews about the things you don't know much about back in your room.

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Speaking to this paper about his decision to respond to critics, Mr Tomii said: 'People just come in and expect to get a free table anytime but we have a booking system.

'I don't respond to many reviews but there's a point when I feel I need to as the restaurant and the customer should be equal and with some comments it doesn't seem to be right or fair and sometimes I need to say something.

'I don't believe in TripAdvisor.'

Elsewhere in the city, the owner of Trattoria Rustica in Princes Street also recently defended his TripAdvisor takedowns to reviewers who criticised the authenticity of his Italian restaurant.

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