Japanese knotweed problem in Aylsham churchyard

An invasive weed is causing problems in Aylsham churchyard, and a neighbour's garden.

Town councillors were told that Japanaese knotweed was being treated in the parish churchyard.

But a resident next door had also got it in his garden, and was concerned it could make his property unmortgageable.

His sister wrote to the council warning that failing to deal with the matter could result in legal action and 'considerable expense.'

Council clerk Mo Anderson-Dungar said they did not have their own grounds staff, so might have to give the resident some weedkiller to treat it himself.

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But member Paul McGrath said it would be wrong to ask an untrained person to deal with a weed that was so strong it was known to have grown through concrete airport runways, and felt it would be better if the council got the work done as a 'goodwill gesture'.

Japanese knotweed is a native species from east Asia which is aggressive and notoriously difficult to eradicate. It is resistant to most weedkillers, and can require years of treatment, injections, or digging up of the underground root system.

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Part of the London Olympics site had to be cleared of the superweed at an estimated cost of �70m.

The council agreed to look at getting in the services of an expert.

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