Jail for Lowestoft man who used machete during a savage attack

A Lowestoft man who slid a machete along a 22-year-old's neck during a savage attack has been jailed for five years.

At one point a witness who saw the assault in Edgerton Road, Lowestoft, feared the victim was going to be 'cut up' in front of him.

During the violent attack, which erupted when a dispute escalated out of control, Gregory Cook, of Fairfield Road, swung the weapon at his victim, causing grazing to his stomach and striking him on the right knee.

The 55-year-old, who was being sentenced for grievous bodily harm when he appeared at Ipswich Crown Court on April 1, was also handed a six-month concurrent sentence for possessing an offensive weapon.

The knife attack happened after an altercation during the early evening of August 11 last year between the 22-year-old and another male. Around 8.15pm the same day Cook grabbed a machete and went to confront the 22-year-old who was put in a headlock by a youth while Cook was swinging the weapon wildly.

At one point the victim managed to grab the machete, but it was yanked away from him causing cuts to his left hand.

Cook's accomplice, who can not be named for legal reasons, was also convicted of grievous bodily harm. He was given a 12-month detention order.

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After their sentencing detective inspector Darrell Skuse, of Suffolk Constabulary, said; 'This was a savage and vicious assault in which a 22-year-old man was attacked with a machete sustaining cuts to his neck, knee and hands as he tried to defend himself.

'A witness saw the incident and believed the 22-year-old was being cut up in front of him. The victim had his hands up to protect him while he was held in a stranglehold by the youth, and Cook attacked him, cutting him with the machete.

'The witness rushed out and the offenders fled when they saw him.

'We're pleased the court has recognised the serious nature of the offence and handed both Cook and the youth prison sentences.'

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