‘It was all really scary to see’ - Norwich City fans describe violent scenes as they attempted to leave Sheffield United’ stadium

A scene is taped off after Norwich fans were allegedly attacked outside Bramall Lane. Picture: @ncfc

A scene is taped off after Norwich fans were allegedly attacked outside Bramall Lane. Picture: @ncfckeith - Credit: Archant

City fans have described the chaotic and violent scenes that broke out following Norwich's 1-0 away win against Sheffield United.

They claimed to have been targeted by rival supporters as they attempted to leave the stadium on Saturday.

Two people were allegedly hospitalised and South Yorkshire Police said they had arrested two men from Sheffield.

A Norwich season ticket holder, who had gone to watch the game at Bramall Lane with his wife and two daughters, said: 'There was a scuffle with a couple of Sheffield fans pushing and throwing a couple of punches at a Norwich fan.

'I turned to my wife and told her to turn around and get back to the stairs where we had come from for safety.

'More Sheffield fans launched themselves, pushing towards the Norwich fan, and I was pushed with them.

'Punches were coming from over my shoulder and in front of me. One Sheffield fan tried to grab at the Norwich fan's face, clearly to cause him damage.'

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He said as police arrived, some Norwich supporters started shouting at the Sheffield fans and banging on the shutter doors, trying to get a response from them.

'I hope the fans from both sides [who were involved] are identified and banned. It is not needed in any sport.'

South Yorkshire Police said a 22-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault, and a 39-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence. Both are from Sheffield.

Meanwhile, another City supporter described the 'shocking' scenes from aboard a coach at the end of the game.

Speaking anonymously, she said: 'We saw a fan who had either been pushed or punched laying on the road, he was stretchered into an ambulance, awake but his face was bad.

'While this was happening someone else punched a Norwich fan in the side of the head and he was knocked out on the floor, he eventually got taken into an ambulance too.

'It was all really scary to see and there were clearly a lot of people outside scared and upset at what was happening.'

A spokesman for Norwich City Football Club said: 'We are aware of the reports and the club is liaising with Sheffield United and the police to help with their enquiries into the matter.'

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