It’s a sunny outlook for Norwich’s Laura Hughes after ticking off two items on her ‘life is for living’ list

Laura Hughes presents the weather for Mustard TV. Picture: Archant

Laura Hughes presents the weather for Mustard TV. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

She may be battling an incurable cancer but Laura Hughes' outlook is most definitely sunny.

Laura Hughes walks alpacas in a story for the Mustard Show. Picture: Archant

Laura Hughes walks alpacas in a story for the Mustard Show. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

The 29-year-old from Lakenham had the chance to be a weather presenter for a day on Norwich's own Mustard TV.

It was just one of almost 50 items Miss Hughes, who normally works as a hairdresser, put down as part of her 'bucket list' of things she wanted to do and achieve.

She said: 'I actually called it 'Laura's Life is For Living List' because I didn't like the term 'bucket list'.

'That really makes it seem like I won't be here in a year or so, which hopefully I will be. I wanted it to be a fun, living list.

'I know a couple of weather girls who I met through different charity events I've done, and a friend suggested I try to do something on TV as part of the list.

'So I thought presenting the weather would be quite fun.'

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Miss Hughes had to quickly master the art of reading from a teleprompter while gesturing to a green screen - later transformed into weather maps of the region.

She said: 'I had to guess where Norwich and different things would be.'

And her forecast? Miss Hughes said: 'It's going to be lovely.

'Maybe a little bit of rain at the weekend but mostly dry and sunny.'

Having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, Miss Hughes had thought she was on the road to recovery this time last year.

But she was told the cancer had come back weeks after she marked the second anniversary of the disease going into remission.

Last October, a scan revealed the disease had spread to her bone, and she was diagnosed as having stage four cancer, which is incurable.

The Mustard team organised Miss Hughes' surprise visit their studios for the weather reading after getting in touch with her partner, Bradley Middleton.

And they then made an outing to Horning in the Norfolk Broads to tick off another item on her wish list - walking alpacas.

Miss Hughes and the Mustard crew filmed a piece about lanky animals, which will screen on the Mustard Show on Thursday, June 1 from 6.30pm.

She said it had been a wonderful day. Miss Hughes said: 'I'd been next to an alpaca before.

'They were really friendly and quite soft.'

A list for living

Everything from West End shows to a new canine companion have made it to Laura Hughes' Laura's Life is for Living List'.

Miss Hughes said the list was a collaborative effort.

She said: 'I got friends to suggest things and I came up with a few ideas myself.'

Among the items she decided she wanted to do and see were:

-Buying a puppy.

She now has a lively five-and-a-half-month old cocker spaniel, Tilly

-A holiday in the Maldives islands

-Going for afternoon tea at London's Claridge's, the luxurious Mayfair hotel

-An outing with friends to Ladies Day at Royal Ascot;

-Going to see a couple of theatre shows in London's West End

-Flying business class somewhere

-A trip to visit to Disneyland Paris

-Taking in a performance of Strictly Come Dancing Live!

-Reading the weather on TV.

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