Is the moon looming larger over Norfolk these days..?

Look out at the moon tonight - can you see a difference..?

Our nearest neighbour in space is coming the nearest it's been to Earth for nearly 20 years.

That means for the next few nights, it will look bigger and brighter in the skies above East Anglia - assuming you can see it through the clouds.

It's all down to the Moon's eliptical orbit around us.

A super moon or lunar perigree occurs when its path brings it closest to Earth.

By next Saturday, March 19, it will be just 221,567 miles away. It hasn't come this near since 1992.

We'll be talking to astronomers in the lead-up to next weekend, to get the low-down on the best moon-watching spots.

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In the meantime tweet us if you'll be watching the #norfolkmoon next weekend - or you think it looks a bit bigger in our skies tonight.