Is singer Griff in Norfolk on holiday?

Griff in Norfolk

Singer Griff posted this image and others showing a Norfolk landmark on her Instagram account. - Credit: Sarah Faith Griffiths

Famous singer Sarah Faith Griffiths, known as 'Griff' has been leaving fans puzzled after posting images and video of a well-known Norfolk landmark.

Griff in Norfolk

One of the posts on Griff's Instagram - Credit: Instagram

The singer, who recently had a major hit with 'Black Hole', posted pictures of Happisburgh lighthouse on her Instagram along with photos of her driving through countryside.

Some fans immediately picked up on the striking red and white landmark - with several people commenting on her post, asking if it was Happisburgh.

But the singer, who was raised in Hertfordshire, was keeping tight-lipped.

Griff at Brits

Griff at this year's Brit awards. - Credit:

Griff was signed to Warner Records in 2019, and on the same day, literally after finishing her A-levels, released her first single Mirror Talk.

Happisburgh Lighthouse is painted in the traditional red and white colours.Picture: Nick Butcher

Happisburgh's famous lighthouse - Credit: Nick Butcher

She released the hit Black Hole this year and won the Rising Star award at the Brits, performing the song at the ceremony.