Is it OK to wear pyjamas in supermarkets?

Is it OK to wear pyjamas in supermarkets? Picture: PA

Is it OK to wear pyjamas in supermarkets? Picture: PA - Credit: PA

A comment on Tesco's Facebook page referring to those who pop to the shops in their PJs 'disgusting' and calling for them to be banned has come under fire on social media - but what do you think?

It's Sunday morning, you've just woken up from a heavy night on the town, but alas there's no bacon in the fridge – we've all been there.

There's no option but to go to the shops and defeat those crispy cravings, but to pyjama or not to pyjama? That is the question.

One angry shopper from Salford, Greater Manchester, certainly thinks PJs are a no-go after messaging the Tesco Facebook page with a photo of two women shopping in their dressing gowns.

The post read: 'Dear Tesco, please can you put a rule in place that people like this will not be served in your stores. It's bloody disgusting.

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'This was at 7pm last night at your Tesco Salford store and I have seen other people dressed similar on a regular basis.'

What do you think - harmless or a slipper-y slope? Vote in our poll below.

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