Missing mum with links to Norfolk still on the run despite judge’s tweet

Ellie YarrowSanders with her three-year-old son Olly Sheridan, who are both missing Picture: Patrick

Ellie YarrowSanders with her three-year-old son Olly Sheridan, who are both missing Picture: Patrick Sheridan/PA Wire - Credit: PA

A missing mum is still on the run despite a judge's appeal on social media to bring her infant son home.


Ellie Yarrow-Sanders disappeared with Olly Sheridan in July whilst involved in family court proceedings with ex-partner Patrick Sheridan.

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Miss Yarrow-Sanders, 26, has connections with west Norfolk and was hoping to move to the area.

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Three weeks ago high court judge Mr Justice Williams said he was gravely concerned that a three-year-old child had been missing for so long.

He made a direct appeal to Miss Yarrow-Sanders to bring him back, promising to deal with the case fairly on Twitter.

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Today, a source close to the family said the judge's tweet had 'backfired'.

They added the family had not heard from Miss Yarrow-Sanders and the public were 'fully supporting and encouraging Ellie to not come back'.

In a statement after the hearing, on February 1, the family court said: 'The judge appointed a senior social worker to act in the case to seek to promote Olly's welfare, making it clear that this does not mean that there is any chance of Olly being placed in foster care.

Olly's father, Patrick Sheridan, who only wants the return of his son, has agreed that if Olly is brought back by his mother before the next hearing, then he will not ask for Ellie or her mother, Donna, or sister, Maddie, to be punished for having any part in Olly's disappearance.

'Ellie's mother and sister, who were both present at court and who spoke to the judge, fully support the judge's appeal and are also urging Ellie to bring Olly back and to have confidence in the court process.'

But in a clarification later posted on social media, her family said: 'This is not us siding with Patrick Sheridan. This is us independently and with the judge regarding her next step.

'As her mother and sister, we support her coming home but only under certain conditions regarding her safety. Without going into specifics I urge you to read her story so you can understand why she had to make the hardest decision of her life and go on the run with her son.'

Miss Yarrow Sanders explained her reasons for going underground in an emotional hand-written letter.

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Any member of the public with any information which might help to find Olly is asked to contact Essex police on 101.

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