Brewery launches a high-tech Easter egg hunt like no other

Join the egg hunt with Wildcraft Brewery this spring Picture: Mike Deal

Join the egg hunt with Wildcraft Brewery this spring Picture: Mike Deal - Credit: Archant

Chase Brewbacca's interactive eggs around Norfolk at a pub near you.

A business in Norfolk has upped the ante this Easter with a competition like no other.

Wildcraft Brewery (based in Buxton) tomorrow launches an interactive Easter egg hunt, Brewy's Egg, with the public challanged to find the missing eggs of the brand's talisman pink monster, Brewbacca. The eggs can be found on special, high-tech beer mats at participating pubs around Norfolk and there are six to look out for. Each mat has a Snapchat code sticker which, when scanned with a smartphone, generates an augmented reality animation of one of the eggs on the bar or table the user is at. Once all six eggs have been discovered, participants will be entered into a draw for the main prize- to win a flight with the Wildcat Aerobatics Team, who are performing at the Brewery's annual festival on June 1. Other prizes include packs of beer, polypins, T-shirts, brewery tours and free tickest to Wildfest events throughout 2019.

Wildcraft Brewery director, Mike Deal, said: 'We are always looking to do things differently. This competition has stretched our imaginations and the mats and animations have turned out brilliantly. The idea was born out of wanting to get people to visit pubs they may not have before. A late Easter and uncertainty around Brexit has given a hard start to many bars around Norfolk, we hope to get people into them using this fun intiative.'

Although no purchase is necessary, Wildcraft are urging people to have a drink of something while they search for the missing eggs. 'If our beer isn't on, look for another local one to try, there are lots of us out there!'

If a user doesn't have a smartphone, it's also possible to simply collect the six different mats.

The competition runs until June 2, with the winners of the flights being announced at WildFest at the Brewery by pilot Willie Cruickshank.

For more information on how to enter here.

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