“I thought it was a person” - Dog walker describes moment she found a bag of organs

The organs that were found in the Woods. Picture: Submitted

The organs that were found in the Woods. Picture: Submitted - Credit: Archant

A dog walker has described the skin crawling moment she found a bag of animal organs in the woods.

The organs that were found in the woods. Picture: Submitted

The organs that were found in the woods. Picture: Submitted - Credit: Archant

The 49-year-old women, who wishes to remain anonymous, found the bag of animal parts in Thorpe St. Andrews, near to Pound Lane on Thursday, August 31.

The walker said: 'When I first saw it my skin just crawled as I thought it was going to be a person.

'You never know what you are going to find in the woods and the pile was swarming with flies and the smell, I have never smelt anything like it.

'I could see all these different parts of organs with chicken legs sticking out of it.'

'I couldn't believe how disgusting people can be and also how dangerous this could end up to pets and children if they touched it.'

After making the discovery she phoned Broadland Council to report the dumping.

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The council said they cleared the meat as a priority due to public safety and have collected evidence, although they are not aware of where it came from.

The assortment of meat included lamb bones, pork cuts, chicken feet and various hearts and livers.

'There are quite a few butchers in the area,' the walker added.

'It appeared that some of the pieces had numbers on them - that's why I think it may have been a pig.

'Whoever had done it has tried to cover it with fir tree clippings but you couldn't cover up that smell.'

'It must have been done fairly recent as there was no obvious decay on any of it and there were no signs of animals pulling it about.

'Whoever has dumped it must have had to carry the bag, which must have been hard because there was a good wheelbarrow of meat, then just chucked it out.

'I don't know how they are going to find the person who dumped it as there aren't any cameras in the woods.'

The council encourages anyone who has any information about illegal fly tipping to get in touch with the on 01603 430534 or report it to environ.protection@broadland.gov.uk.

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