“I must have killed Emma,” murder accused tells Norwich Crown Court

Murder accused Nicky Ward has told Norwich Crown Court that he 'must have' killed his wife Emma - but insisted he has no recollection of the incident.

The 29-year-old, from Chapel Street, Rockland St Peter, denies murdering his 22-year-old wife at some point between early April and late May last year. In police interviews read to the court he said that she had left him and insisted he had no knowledge of or explanation for a trail of blood found by forensic experts at their cottage in the village near Attleborough.

Giving evidence he said he only began to remember what happened in December. He added that he often experienced memory problems and may have blocked out the incident because of the 'trauma and panic'.

He said: 'I was asleep and was woken when a glass of water was thrown over me. I was punched in the side of the face and hit with a glass. I threw the glass back but it was only recently that I realised the person was Emma.

'After that I just sat at the top of the stairs in shock. I just carried on as normal and still thought she had left me.'

Asked if he had any recollection of moving or dismembering her body, Ward said: 'No.' He said he could not remember buying paint, a saw and carpet cleaner from a nearby DIY store.

The prosecution alleges that Ward killed his wife then cut up her body in the bath using an electric saw. No trace of Mrs Ward has ever been found.

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The case continues.

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