‘I know I will have peaks and drops, but I know what to do now, and how to cope’

holding hands. Picture: Time to change/Newscast Online

holding hands. Picture: Time to change/Newscast Online - Credit: Time to change/Newscast Online

As we look at the work Time Norfolk do for those who have experienced a pregnancy loss through miscarriage, termination or still birth, one former client tells her story.

Names have been changed to protect her identity.

She said: 'I have many medical issues that I have to live with, and I always thought I was coping until I had my fourth miscarriage.

'My heart broke in a way I never thought possible, but no-one was listening.

'The doctors didn't care, the nurses fobbed me off – they see these situations every day and have become blasé about it – but I was devastated.

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'Shortly after, I developed another medical issue. I had no time to heal and no-one to talk to so in a desperate moment I tried to take my own life.

'Then, everyone was listening.

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'I got a mental health support worker who put me in touch with TimeNorfolk, and my life changed.

'It's sad to me that I had to fall so far before anyone noticed. I had been trying to see my GP for five weeks, but they said I was 'routine' so I was not allowed an on-the-day appointment.

'I was worried going to my first appointment with Jane but she was amazing.

'She listened and she cared; she told me everything was going to be okay and I started to believe her.

'We talked about everything over the next few months, and slowly but surely I started to see what I had been doing to myself over the years, and how I needed to change my perception of me.

'Our time has come to an end now, and I leave a stronger and more self-aware person.

'I know I will have peaks and drops, but I know what to do now, and how to cope.

'Most of all I know where to go to get the help and support should I need it.

'Thank you, Time, for getting me back on track; I hope more doctors and nurses learn of you and take the time to help others like me.'

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