‘I honestly don’t know where I would be now if it wasn’t for them’

UEA Lake on a lovely sunday afternoon

UEA Lake on a lovely sunday afternoon - Credit: citizenside.com

As we look at the work Time Norfolk do for those who have experienced a pregnancy loss through miscarriage, termination or still birth, one former client tells her story.

She said: 'In September, one of my dreams became a reality – I got a positive pregnancy test for the first time in almost 18 months of trying to conceive. The pregnancy was very much planned, although unexpected at the time as I had already been spotting for two weeks.

'I shed tears of joy… and then fear, as I wasn't sure if my baby was okay or not.

'I continued to spot for the days following, and after multiple visits to out-of-hours doctors and my GP, who had estimated I was about five to six weeks pregnant, I was finally referred to the early pregnancy unit for an early scan. By the day of the scan the spotting had stopped.

'I started feeling more hopeful but tried to remain grounded as I knew there was a chance I may have miscarried.

'The scan itself was a bit of a blur, all I can remember is the sonographer saying 'I'm sorry but your baby isn't in your uterus – I think you're having an ectopic pregnancy.'

'Less than a week after discovered I was pregnant, I was told the baby had tried to grow in my fallopian tube.

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'The baby was no longer alive but the placenta was still trying to grow.

'I was given an injection as an alternative to surgery.

'After almost 10 hours at the hospital I finally went home to start the process of grieving for the loss of my baby with my husband and family.

'I'd never felt that sense of loss before; I'd had family members pass away – but this was on a completely different scale.

'I could feel myself sinking into a very dark place. That's when I decided I needed help.

'The nurse at the EPAU suggested TimeNorfolk to me – and it was the best phone call I have ever made.

'The ladies at TimeNorfolk have helped me so much, I honestly don't know where I would be now if it wasn't for them. I can't thank them enough.

'It's been nearly nine months since the loss now and two years of trying to conceive, but I am in a much better frame of mind now and feel more prepared and optimistic/realistic for what the future holds for me.'

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