‘I had a gut feeling something was wrong’ - Woman approached by man driving car with blue flashing lights describes experience

A file photo of a car on a rural country road in Norfolk. Picture: James Bass

A file photo of a car on a rural country road in Norfolk. Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

A woman who was asked to step out of her car by a man she thought was driving a police car has said she had a 'gut feeling' that something was wrong.

The female driver, who does not want to be named, was driving along Kenninghall Road in south Norfolk on Friday evening when a dark coloured car, which had flashing blue lights, pulled up behind her.

'I had gone past where there are houses on the road and reached where it is completely dark,' she said. 'I had seen that there was no one behind me and suddenly this car with its blues on just came out of no where.

'I checked my speed dial to make sure I wasn't speeding and then pulled over to let it through but the car pulled up behind me.'

The male driver of the car then approached her passenger door and gestured to her to put her window down. He then asked her to get out of the car but the woman refused and told him she would drive to East Harling where it was well-lit and get out of the car there.

'I had a gut feeling as soon as it happened that it was wrong as he had done it out of way so people would not have seen and the only light was my head light and the light from my CD player,' she said. 'But when he came up to me it didn't appear to me to be obviously sinister.

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'He wasn't what I would described as old, maybe in his early 30s. He sounded very official and didn't have what I would describe as a Norfolk accent. He was just really nice and polite.'

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She drove towards East Harling but when they approached a junction the man drove off in the opposite direction to East Harling.

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When the woman reached her final destination she called the police and told them of the suspicious incident. They called back a few minutes later and informed her that they had no record of a officer in that area and sent a police officer to see her.

A spokesperson for Norfolk Constabulary said the force told the woman to call them if she saw the car again and if a similar incident happened in the future to ask for an officer's warrant card and then call 101 to confirm their identity.

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They also informed her that drivers do not have to stop exactly where they are pulled over and can drive to the nearest well-lit area.

The woman added: 'I have spoke to members of my family since and they didn't know that was even an option.'

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