Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary rescues common seal in need of help - for the second time

International students learn to look after Macey

A seal pup rescued for the second time is providing unexpected training help to international students currently in West Norfolk.

The pup, called Macey, was rescued last summer and released fit and healthy in January. But she has had to be rescued again from the North Norfolk Coast and is currently at the Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary.

Her arrival co-incided with that of students from America, Australia, Germany and Scotland on work placements and to learn about rescuing and caring for seals.

Macey had originally been rescued near Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire, last July when she was a few weeks old and released in January after making a full recovery.

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But the animal care team at the Hunstanton sanctuary received a call-out to a common seal pup in trouble at Holme beach last week.

'The common seal breeding season is only just under way and we don't normally get our first casualty until late June, early July,' said animal care member Hollie Stephenson, who soon realised the pup was one of last year's.

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A rear flipper tag enabled her to trace the pup's story and she has lost almost half her body weight since her release.

Examination revealed a heavy infestation of parasitic lungworm, and an infection to an old wound on her jaw.

'She's now on antibiotics and painkillers for her jaw and tablets to clear the lungworm,' said Hollie.

It is hoped to release her again in around two to three months.

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