The Results: EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020

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EDP survey - How will your Christmas change in 2020? - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020 has revealed that 91pc of more than 700 respondents believe people will not stick to the rules on Christmas Day.

As the clocks tick down until December 25, families are preparing for a very different celebration as Norfolk continues to battle the coronavirus. 

The county remains under Tier 2 restrictions and after Boris Johnson's announcement on Saturday, the rule of three households bubble will only apply on Christmas Day.

Large gatherings with friends and family will be off the cards and for some they may even be spending the holidays alone.

Here is how Christmas 2020 will look in Norfolk according to EDP readers.

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1. Will you be celebrating Christmas this year?

Despite a difficult year, as families have lost loved ones to coronavirus and many have been left struggling, 91pc of respondents said they will still be celebrating the Christmas holiday. Just over 8pc said they will not. 

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2. Do you expect your Christmas to be different than usual?

Few of us thought we'd still be living under restrictions come the festive season, but now the big day will be different for families across Norfolk.

When asked if Christmas will be different this year, 77pc of respondents said yes and only 23pc said no.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020. - Credit: Google Forms

3. Has the rule of three bubbles changed your plans over Christmas?

For many, the rule of three bubble, which allows a maximum of three households to meet inside, will mean numbers at Christmas gatherings will be limited.

According to our survey 50pc of EDP readers said the rule has changed their plans. 

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020. - Credit: Google Forms

4. Please feel free to tell us more about how it will be different.

When asked how things would be different this year, many said that they will not be seeing family members outside of their own household, through fears of spreading the virus to loved ones or catching it themselves.

One respondent said: "For the first time in 20 years we will spend it at home and not with family."

Another wrote: "I won’t be spending it with parents as it isn’t safe to put them at risk. I’d rather have many years of Christmas with them than risk everyone’s health for one year.

But one respondent said it may be the last chance to celebrate with loved ones.

They said: "Given how this virus is mutating there is an increasing probability that things are gonna get worse over the next 12 months.

"On that basis this may be the last opportunity a number of us will have to celebrate with our loved ones."

Another said: "We will be social distancing and keeping windows open no hugging each other, it will seem more of a formal affair."

The rule of three bubble will also mean that a lot of people will be spending Christmas Day alone.

A respondent said: "My elderly dad will no longer able to join us and he's spending Christmas alone."

Another added:  "I'm a care worker and have 30 old people I have to keep safe and protected. Unfortunately, this is at the cost of not seeing my own family."

5. Who will you be spending Christmas with?

55pc of respondents said they will be spending the day with their family.

23pc will spend Christmas with a partner or spouse,11pc with their children and 7pc of respondents will be spending it alone.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020. - Credit: Google Forms

6. How many people will you have in your house or the house you will be visiting on Christmas Day?

Numbers ranged from 0 through to 15 people in a single household on Christmas day.

7. Do you think people will stick to the rules on Christmas Day?

Out of more than 700 respondents, 91pc do not think people will stick to the rules - which include Tier 2 restrictions and the rule of three bubble.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020. - Credit: Google Forms

8. Do you think they should?

Despite concerns people will not stick to the rules, 88pc of respondents said they think people should.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020. - Credit: Google Forms

9. Why or why not?

A respondent said: "Because people will get caught up in festivities, not socially distance and cases will increase even more than they already have.

Another wrote: "We will be locked down in January otherwise I don't live with my partner and don’t think I’ll cope."

"We've come too far to throw it all away," said another.

"I think three households gives people enough room for some much-needed family time so long as everyone is considerate."

But one reader responded: "It's Christmas. People should be allowed just a few days of normality after a very difficult year. Even if there is another lockdown during Christmas I'm pretty sure people will just ignore it.

Another added: "Life is too short and can be taken in a split second, we have to be able to enjoy spending time with loved ones whenever and as much as possible."

10. How much do you usually spend on Christmas presents?

44pc of readers said they usually spend £300 or more on Christmas presents.

18pc spend between £201 to £300, 16pc spend £101 to £200, and 10pc spend £51 to £100 and 11pc spend £50 or less.

11.Will you spend more or less money on Christmas presents this year?

The majority of respondents said they will be be spending the same or less money on presents this year.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020. - Credit: Google Forms

12. Will you be having a traditional Christmas dinner, or something different?

82pc of respondents said they will be having a traditional Christmas dinner, 10pc said they will not.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020. - Credit: Google Forms

13. If something different, please feel free to let us know what.

Those will will not be having a traditional dinner listed alternatives such as beef wellington, lamb, chicken, vegetarian options and even beans on toast.

14. Do you have a family member or friend who will be alone this Christmas?

65pc said they do not have a friend or family member who will be alone, but 34pc said they do.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020. - Credit: Google Forms

15. How will they cope with that?

One person wrote: "I'll be driving past on Christmas morning to wave and check on them."

"They are often on their own at Christmas as they have no family," said another.

One respondent said: "It will be tough, but we will inundate them with calls and send food deliveries."

Another added: "Great difficulty as they have lost their husband and Christmas was his special time of year."

16. Will you be working on Christmas Day?

95pc said no, but 5p of respondents said they will be working.

17. If yes, please feel free to tell us about your job.

Those working on Christmas day included key workers such as carers, police officers, support workers and nurses.

18. Is spending time with family more important to you this year?

59pc said family is more important to them this year, but 40pc said no.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020.

EDP's Big Christmas Survey 2020. - Credit: Google Forms

19.Please feel free to elaborate on why.

One respondent wrote: "Because I lost my mum to COVID .I’m desperate to hug my son too who doesn’t live with me."

Another said: "Having my husband and children means so much. I was in hospital because of COVID. It makes you put life into perspective."

"This year has taught me to appreciate people much more," one reader added.

"I feel we have missed out on so much family time this year, and lost so much, that of course people should be spending the holiday's with their loved ones - refill their hearts."

"Family is always important," another responded.

20. If you have children, how is Christmas different for them this year?

One respondent said: "Only child won't be able to see grown up brother, grandparents, aunt, cousins etc."

"No grandparents and older relatives," said another.

"Not seeing as many family members, no school plays, school have banned Xmas cards."

Another added: "Our children 4 an 14 years have been sat down an explained to about what's happening although a little saddened they know it's for the best."

21. If you would usually attend church at Christmas, has this changed?

76pc said 'yes', they will not be attending church services on Christmas this year.

22. Reflecting on this last year, how has the pandemic affected you?

A respondent wrote: "Working as a nurse I have put everything into my job and isolated from friends and family. I am exhausted, I get really frustrated when people break the rules."

Another said: "It's been tough mentally and emotionally. A bit of a rollercoaster but I feel very fortunate compared to many other people."

"My mental health has suffered and I have lost my job due to Covid," said one respondent.

" I have become more of a hermit and now hardly leave the house."

Another added: "I have lost family this last year, and having been separated from my people and not allowed to say goodbye to those who have left us.

"I have realised how important not only communication is, but embracing your loved ones. There's never going to be enough time with your family (to actually be with them), so you need to make every single minute count- and not one second of this last year has counted."

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