How readers reacted to news bin collections in Norfolk could be cut


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The news that Norfolk councils could cut bin collections to every three or four weeks provoked a furious response from some readers.

The councils say the move could encourage more people to recycle, but 90pc of people in our poll online voted against the idea.

Here are what some readers made of it on Twitter and our website.

•barrenelly wrote: 'When I think of all we used to get for less Council Tax - bins emptied every week, now fortnightly; street lights lit, many of which now go off at midnight; public conveniences that were... well... convenient but are now closed; police who would always come out but now just issue a 'crime number', it does pose the question of why the taxpayer has to be milked for more and more every year.

•Greg said on Twitter: 'With a family of 4 both my bins are full to the brim each fortnight.'

•Richard Leggett wrote: 'Seriously @NorfolkCC ? Stupid, stupid idea. My recycling bin is full every 2 weeks.'

•Theresa Carman also wrote on Twitter: 'How will that encourage recycling? My recycling bin is full in a fortnight.'

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Here are what other readers made of it in the comments section of our website:


South Norfolk bin collection misses our little close so often that we will hardly notice the difference.


My recycle bin is usually full after 2 weeks, the 'rubbish' bin is the same


Personally think it's a good idea. Our black bin is never even half full. Recycle more, think about what you buy and waste less. People who put the wrong waste in bins should be fined. Simples..

•Peter Watson

Three weekly collection of non-recyclable household waste is desirable and doable in Norwich

•Ingo Wagenknecht

This is another one sided change to our contract with our councils


fly tipping, overflowing bins, rats, smell, fires, oh what a mess, and the increased cost in clearing all this up?-- you and i the working tax payer.